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Bought, Iver Johnson "Sealed 8" .22 cal.

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Another Saturday morning snag at the gunshow. Some senile old man came by the table carrying a paper bag. So, I had to stop him and ask what was in it. He had 2 old revo .22s. One was a 60s vintage H&R 623, nickle .22 cal with white "mutha of pimp" fauz pearl grips. The other was the I.J. that was much older, but in better shape. It had a 6" pencil thin barrel, pull pin frame, 8 shot, fixed sights and one pice wood grips. I liked both, but was really interested in the I.J. for a keeper. The other H&R was nickle,but obviously had more use, not bad though, 6 shot, fixed sights, 4" barrel and the killer grips made the gun.

His story was that he had a small collection, but they kept disapparing when ever his relatives came over. Or it could be that he forgot where he put some of them. I could believe that cause my F in law got like that. They were his and his wife's personal HD guns, but couldn't use them anymore. A bill for each. Not bad, but Pancho "El Cheapo" got them for 70 each. After he left, The H&R went to another gun trader in the show for 180.

The I.J went into my gun stash. It is most likely a second model "Sealed 8" which was made from 1947-54. Round barrel. one piece grip, and recessed cylinder for ammo and to prevent firing pin damage separates it from the first model. It could be a third model, but references indicated two piece grips on those. It is called the "large rame" model and will shoot S,L, and LR ammo. Gun is tight, well condisdering it has not cylinder locking bolt, just a stip. Condition is @ 95% or better. Range report later.

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Thanks G26. It's a nice old gun. Fired it. It worked perfectly well. I would not shoot it well cause I can't see the fingernail front sight anymoer.
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