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Bought a Ruger LCR .357 mag

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Kinda late at the gunshow on Saturday. A cranky old man comes by the table complaning bout not being able to sell his like new gun. So I had to ask cause I saw a Ruger label on the box. Old Grumpy said he had paid near 5 bills for the LCR he had. Then he went out to shot it.

His Complaints:

Gun hurt the web of his hand after just 2 rounds of 158 gr.Winch. Holly Pts.

Muzzle flash and blast were too much for his ears. No ear muffs I guess.

He didn't want it anymore and no one would give him crap for it.

He was down to 375 from 4 bills at the door. Best offers were 3 bills. Told him it was a slow show and I would better it to 325. This old bird was tough. We haggled for 15 ninutes after he came down to 350. Finally he settled for 330 and was still beeetching cause he had lost more than a bill on it.

I examined the gun, thinking it was just a .38 spl. but it was a magnum. No signs of any wear, No ring from the bolt stop on the cylinder. And it was perfectly clean like it had never been fired. Box, all paerwork, and zipper bag. It is hammerless with a 2" barrel, and a fugly gray finish. Rubber grips.

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Decided to try some Remmy 125 gr. JHP +Ps on this gun first. Didn't have any factory .357s out and didn't want to go digging for any. This being a short DA revo, I did not expect to do that well with it. First 2 rounds were just off the Pie plate kinda low. Ran out of the standard 15" P.V. pizza box targets cause we have been on a diet.

Raised the front sight in the notch a bit, and the next 2 were just below POA. Lifted the front all the way up in the notch and the last round went in o.k.So, this gun obviously prints way low. Considering it is just a close range combat weapon, it would have been o.k. Deliberate slow fire, 10 feet, rested off a bench.

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Gracias amigos. It is a strange looking little revolver.
Shot the ugly little sucker with some 125 gr. Rem Mag .357s yesterday. It is noirsy. Recoil was tolerable. Actually hit the pie plate a few times. Gotta dig up some 158 gr. Winchester ammo I have buried somewhere and try it out. That will really belch some tire.:D
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