Bought a N.E.F. Hunter .54 cal Muzzle Loader

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    Early morning on Saturday, guy comes by with this .54 cal muscle loader. I ain't got much nuscle to load much less clean one anymore. Still it was nice and his price was just a bill and a quarter to go buy his kids some school clothes on tax free weekend. Whatever!!!!!!!

    Told him I didn't shoot the things much now. I did want the .3X9X32 Tasco for a .22 I have and didn't ant to buy a new one for 60 bucks. So, I offered him that. He settled for 75. Woorked for me.

    Gun is an "in-line" front stuffer trhat uses some kinda primer ignition. So the guy said. He have me all the instuctions and a breech plug removing tool. He fied it a few times and it was clean. I know other barrels are available to interchange. Both shotgun and rifle, but not really for me. I will use the scope and probably swap it. Know a local that wants one. He got another .54 from me and wants one for his kids. He also has an old Wingmaster 870 I have been wanttng and have been too cheap to give him 150 for it. I think a swap may be in order there.

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    Very nice, Congrats

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