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Bought a Makarov IJ-70, .380 cal.

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Kinda late Sunday at the gunshow, a guy comes walking by. He had an auto pistol in his hand and I almost didn't stop him cause everyone was packing up to leave. But, I still had $ burning a hold in my pocket and I stopped him.

Gun was familiar cause I had 2 like it. One blue and one nickle. Guy said it was a German Makarov. I knew it as an IJ-70 with an adjustable rear sight and in .380 cal. I was really wanting it cause I had to sell the 2 I had when I had lost my job and had not found another for years. I figured he would want alot, but he said, "no, just 2 bills cause I already sold 2 other guns and I just wanna get out." Being a cheapo, I told him my leaving the show price was a bill and a quarter. He came down to 175 and I bumpped it to 140. We finally settled on 150 and a rubber band gun for his kid. Worked for me.

This gun appears to be nice with little wear. Just a bit of blue wear on the sharp coners. Slightly bigger and thicker than a Bersa Thunder .380. Nice big adjustable rear sight, dec0cker, SA'DA type blowback. Round external hammer and ruber grip.

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Got out and ran a mag through the gun today. All I had was PMC in 95 gr. FMJs. At a realistic range of 10 feet, the gun printed right to POA. A couple of clicks up on the rear sight got the last 2 rounds just over the mark. Backed off a click. Good enough for now.

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Congrats PV !!

I own a East German Makarov made in 1961...shoots great !
Gracias amigos. Muy buena pistola. Finally found one. I had a couple of others since I sold the other 2 I had, but they were plain old Maks in 9 Makarov cal.
Here's my Makarov...made in East Germany circa 1961

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These are the pistols that made me look at the Bersa .380. Borrowed a friend's 10rd double-stack version IJ-70 .380 for my CCW class and loved it. I shot the best out of the whole class with that thing. I would love to find one for myself, but they seem to be hard to find since most are single-stack.
Nice pistola SHOOTER. It has the original look.

Cutlass, I use to see alot of tthe single stacks at the gun shows, but they are drying up.
Thanks PV...any idea of your date of manufacture ?
No, but I rember getting the other 2 I had back in the late 80s or early 90s. There were quite a few floating around the shows back then. Most were fixed sights. Not sure is these were commercial or converted military guns. Never checked it out. Wish I would have kept the nickle one. Later found out that there were less than 150 imported.
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