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Bought a Chinese 870 Clone, 12 ga.

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By Sunday morning at the gunshow, I had dumpped a couple of clunkers, some mags, rubber band guns and was doing o.k.

Guy, wife and some kids came by the table with what looked like a nice 870 Remmy Express 12 ga. for only 175? However, it said "Made in China" on it. O.k. It did look good and appared well made. So I made a bill and a quarter offer on it assuming no one had offered much. I was way back in the show and they said they were tired of carrying it. Lady siad it was her gun and she had to have 150. She findally settled for 145.

This one will probably get swapped or turned in one way or another. I just had to try it out. I had heard they were good guns. It went bang o.k. Operation was smooth and solid as a Remmy. Everything looked much the same. Operated the same. All steel. Screw in choke, Vent rib barrel and black poly stock. Long term durability? It should be good.

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