Boght, Hi Point 995 9mm carbine

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    Got this thing on Sunday as we were packing up to leave the show. One of the AR-15 parts dealers had staken it in swap for AR parts. He had not sold anything and needed $. He got it with no mag and the diopter on the fornt sight was missing. He panned on sending it back to the mother ship for a complete redo, but never got around to it. Wanted 2 bills for travel cash.

    I thought it was a bit steep with no mag, incomple front sight and a little discoloration on the receiver. But if ya get one, it warranted for life to any owner. And peole her in townl keep talking me out of the ones I get. Told him I would do it for a bill and a half if I could get a new hi=cap mag from him. I really needed more mags and told him to thow in a couple of AK mags and I could do the 2. He did.

    Think I will just take the whole front sight off and get a scope base. Put a scope on it like I had another one. I'm too blind to use the iron sights anyway.