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    I got a rifle for my B-day back in Oct but don't think I showed it off here, this is a really sweet shootin 300wm with the Benelli ComforTec recoil system I had only shot 300wm in a bolt action and it kicked like an old army mule and wasn't really fun to shoot... it was ok but just had a hell of a kick. The picture below shows a 4 shot group(full mag) at 100yards off a bench and bag rest, it was rapid fire probably no more then 20 seconds its a pretty tight group but I believe I now have it dailed in a little closer I hope to post some better range pictures of it zeroed in the next couple weeks.


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    Some good shootin' there rj !!

    BTW...who makes the cradle, Tipton, MGM... ?!

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    Marlin conversion to a Winchester rifle

    Very sweet group and gun.I have collected large caliber take down rifles my whole life. I prefer the lever action. Due to cost I have toned down the caliber to a more affordable size. Once every 2 or 3 years the cannons come out for a shooting reunion with some old friends. My collection includes a boatload of Marlins most are pre 1975, A couple of Winchester and a couple of Henry rifles. Recently I purchased 2 ruger 10-22 rifles as well. I sold a Winchester 30-30 to a buddy of mine many years ago. He performed a 444 Marlin conversion to the 30-30. Upon firing, the bullit exploded up through the top of the barrel causing unrepairable damage. That issue caused him to fear squeezing the trigger for a number of years. eventually he began to shoot again. Moral of the story,,, If you want to shoot large caliber ammo, Buy a large caliber rifle, I will never forget that day.BTW... I still have the rifle. I don't mind the kick but I certainly don,t shoot them as much as I used to.

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