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Best recipe

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Hoping this one goes on a while...Guys we all know that the way to a mans heart is through his stomach. Or so they say. Post your best game/fowl/fish recipe and perhaps a brief history on the origin of the dish. Walleye fishing Cherry lake BWCA. Ely Minnesota., From the lake to the griddle in 30 minutes. Batter fried or plain fried was the choice and both were great. I have had the oppertunity to dine at some of Chicago areas finest seafood eateries and NOTHING comes close.
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I would appreciate this as well. I'm always looking for new recipes.
Bone in rib-eye or crown roast.

Holiday favorite, 20 plus year tradition of cooking for a home full of family and friends. 1 10 to 15 lb roast or 2 smaller to accomodate number of guests. 10 cloaves garlic or garlic olive oil. salt/pepper. Sear meat in a large skillet or on the grill, all sides as best you can. Generously rub down with olive oil/salt/pepper.If you like garlic, knife a hole into the meat and insert whole peeled cloves into the meat. Place meat into roasting pan then into a 250-275 degree oven and cook all day 6 to 8 hours. Check interior temp and serve when at your liking. If you have ever ordered prime rib at an eatery, 16 oz's is 16 oz's. ect... I prefer the end cut, additional meat and a bit more fat but to me this is where the flavor is at..
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