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Bersa ultra compact owners talk to me

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I am new to the Bersa brand and am considering an Ultra Compact in either .40 or 45ACP. How are those of you that own them satisfied? How many rounds have you put through yours? Anything you do not particularly care for about the design/function of the gun and lastly would you buy another one? Thanks for any experiences you share with me.
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The only thing I didn't like about my UC40 and 45 was the weight, but I still carried them. I still regret selling them. I'm determined to own them again someday.
Welcome to the Bersa Firearms Forum !!
Love the Bersa's

My wife has a Bersa UC 40 and she loves it! It fits her hands very nicely and she fires it extremely well. I have shot it several times and like it too. We have other Bersa's too and I can honestly say, I like how they handle. Normally carry one and alternate between it and my SIG. :)
I have a UC 9. I've not had a malfunction in after 1600 rounds. Very easy to break down and clean. The long single action first shot is tough to get used to. It's smooth but lone and requires a good amount of pressure. I spend about about 20 mins 3 times a week in dry fire practice to improve trigger control. the single action trigger reset is very short and smooth.
I fell in love with my UC Pro 40 cal the first time I picked it up. I absolutely love it. It has fired every thing I have fed it with no problems.
I have the UC9, and rather enjoy the feel (weight and trigger pull). The accuracy is not what you'll find in a full size auto, naturally. I haven't exactly found the ammo it likes yet either, but from about 15 feet outdoors from a rested position I keep my junk/ball ammo within a 5 or 6 inch group; plenty good enough for center mass!
I have a UC9 Pro and love it. Although it is not my usual EDC, I have carried it from time to time and it works out well. I didn't find many grip options that offered a rubbery texture and didn't add bulk. I contacted a business called Tractiongrips and he designed some stick-on, rubberized grips for it. Now, I really like the grips. My UC9 just recently developed a failure to extract problem that is a bit disconcerting but, I am confident that I will get it worked out.
Love my UC40 Pro, it seems to get more accurate the more I shoot it.
I've never had ant kind of problem and it gobbles everything I've fed it
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