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Bersa Thunder Holster

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Like I was told when I started to carry, I would have a drawer full of holsters. I tried a few and settle on one with a retention strap. All the others that I tried were way too loose, causing my sidearm to get loose and fall...twice! Thank God I was home when it happened.

So, what is a good/great holster for the Bersa Thunder 380?

What do you use and does it have a retention strap?

Thanks for the input! I am just trying to get ahead of the curve on this.
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I have used Cross Breed holsters for my Taurus, and SIG Sauer and I found them to be the very best holster for the dollar. Comfortable to wear all day as well. Look into them sometime.
I have a review of the 3Speed Holster here in their articles section, It might not be right for everyone. If its hybrid you want there are many non expensive options that are good. Foxx Holsters and Aliengear Holsters. Are good affordable options. There is also
Remora Holster & Sticky Holster
I use a Galco IWB most of the time. I also have a DeSantis Nemesis for pocket carry (usually in a winter coat). I just ordered a Sleeping Dog double duty holster from for my BT 380 Plus, I have one for Pro 9 HC and really like it so I figure why not.


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I am considering the new iTuck from Tuff

Crossbreeds are probably the best. I use the Galco holsters most of the time, and I have used my pocket holster tucked in the band too. For me, it hold well unless I am playing football! <><
I discovered MTR Custom Leather earlier this year. I like them so much that I no longer use any others. The one I use most often is the dual carry. Their holsters are fitted to your specific model and while they can be had with a retention strap, none of mine have them and don't really need them. Retention is good. Google search will take you to them.
Actually, you know, I am guilty of having multiple holsters for every gun I own. I suspect there are many here with the same addiction.
Buy gun...
Buy holster...
Buy another holster...
Buy another holster...
Find appropriate sized box for holster storage...
Buy another holster...
Lol ... I have duffle bag full of holsters. In fact I think I have holsters for pistols I no longer own lol

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