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Bersa Thunder CC for pocket carry

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How easy is it to pocket carry a CC? I usually carry IWB or pocket. Love my thunder 380, but it digs into my side if I have to get in and out of my car and it's very big for pocket carry which I do a lot in the summer. I have a charter .38 as well, but don't like giving up 3 shots. I know the smoother CC would solve a lot of the IWB problems, but does the shape trim off enough to make is a viable pocket gun?
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From looking at the specs it is trimmed down some but I think it is still to big to be a pocket gun. For pocket carry I use a Sig P238.
From looking at the specs it is trimmed down some but I think it is still to big to be a pocket gun. For pocket carry I use a Sig P238.
The .380CC is probably as big as I would consider for pocket carry. I can pull it off with a few pairs of casual pants in a Sticky or Remora holster. The smoothing really helps to ensure a snag free draw. I also use these holsters for IWB and they have been flawless so far.
I typically wear Wrangler jeans a lot and carry my 380cc in a Nemesis holster in the right rear pocket. Covered with a t-shirt, it works just fine.

My 380 Combat model is a little to large for that, so I carry it IWB in a Remora holster....that works good, too! :D
I pocket carry mine daily in a Desantis holster. I wear everything from suits to jeans and even shorts. Its quite concealed.
I have a desantes gun hide for my thunder. It's a good holster, but the gun is a bit big and snag prone. I prefer IWB carry, but would like something I could stick in my pocket to run in a store. Right now I breast pocket carry a lot in my Carhart jacket. But warm weather offers fewer options. If I weren't so tall I'd go paddle holster, but that requires special attention to shirts. I just wondered if anyone had tried it. Thanks for the info.
I can front pocket carry my 380CC in a Blackhawk size 4 pocket holster, however it is inaccessible if I am driving and tends to ride up an peak out of my pocket if sitting. Carry in a cargo pocket of BDUs or IWB at 3:30 with a hybrid holster is better.
Pocket carry will be very dependent on dress. While I pocket carry a KT .380, it works great in cargo shorts or cargo khakis. Jeans, with back pocket carry, require Wrangler for the deeper pocket and not the storebrand that plays peek-a-boo with the shallower pocket. I use an Uncle Mikes #1 for front pocket and sometimes rear pocket in khakis. Also have a Don Hume for rear pocket with jeans. The print panel just looks like a wallet. Your CC will be a little longer then my KT so you will have to dress accordingly.
I use my Crossbred holster with no problems. Or I throw it in one my pockets in my Cut (leather vest).
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