Bersa Thunder 380cc failure

Discussion in 'Range Reports' started by JackStraw, Jun 24, 2017.

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    I have a duotone Bersa Thunder 380cc I bought new May 15th at Rural King. I have been liking it and it is very accurate. I started getting issues where the slide would release when I removed my mag. Then I started having trigger issues where it would not fire or reset. Finally I had difficulty racking or even getting the slide on after cleaning and I just sent it in for repair. Will see how it goes. I let Rural King send it in as it is free if I do it that way.

    While I was there I picked up an Armscor m206. I already have an M200 which is great and wanted the snubbie. I like the way the M200 shoots compared to my Taurus 85 ultralite. I have a thousand rounds of Armscor ammo I bought online but I also bought a thousand rounds of wadcutters. I shot about a hundred rounds of the wadcutters the other day and loved them. I have seen that they are also potentially pretty good defensive loads as they make a cylindrical hole compared to the regular bullets. I bought a pachmayr grip for the M200 and am going to potentially try it on the M206 today after I try out the installed wood grip. The M206 comes with both the installed wood grip and the plastic grip. The Pachmayr is shaped like the plastic grip but is way more comfy. I have been having good luck with the revolvers and not the best luck with the autos.
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    We had the same type thing with my wife's Firestorm 380. Its at the Gun Doctor now.......Ukiah Gun Shop sent it out for us...

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    Went to the Range today and shot the CC, Dead nuts on really No issues , what brand of ammo were you shooting ? if I shoot ball ammo will have a FTF sometimes but not all time , if blunt nose , no Problems at all, and Hollow points either , I Have giving it a good polishing on the feed ramp, and smoothed out the trigger , will take the Thunder plus Next weekend waiting on My Marschal grips fro the Plus , cant wait, and man the Range was Packed !!!

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