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Bersa Thunder 380 CC Drop Safety

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If the BT 380 CC is dropped when fully loaded one in the chamber and decocker/safety off (red dot visible)
What would be the results? I get conflicting info and I do believe that the firing pin block would stop an accidental discharge. Once again the safety is in the off position when the firearm is dropped. Any comments appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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I think the block would handle it. I wouldn't want it pointed at me when it hit though.
How do you carry JP? Safety decocker on or off?
How do you carry JP? Safety decocker on or off?
Always off. Just like a revolver the trigger has enough resistance as long as you keep your finger out of the guard.
The only bad outcome I can imagine is a scratch on the firearm. Drop testing loaded pistols is part of certification for sale in certain States
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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