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bersa thunder 22lr ammo opinions

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im thinking about selling my walther ppk/s 22lr and getting one of these. the thing is, ive gone through the trials of finding acceptable ammo for the walther and don't want to do it again. here is my experience with 22lr ammo and the walther ppk/s so far. feel free to chime in guys and gals.

alrighty. ive been buying up ammo for my lil walther ppk/s 22lr pistol. keep in mind, this is the "umerex" newest model as far as I know. its dead on with the right ammo, and very fun to shoot. ok. likes/dislikes.
any cci=like
Remington golden bullet=like
Remington thunderbolt=like {I was surprised}
Remington high velocity solid nose=like
Remington subsonic=dislike {another surprise, since thunderbolt worked so well}
federal champion=dislike {I wont try any federal in this gun again}
Winchester superX 37gr=dislike {very disappointed with this. 200 rounds going up for sale}
all my "likes cycled great with VERY few issues. light strikes and such. my dislikes though? they had many issues, and all were bad. well, that's all I have for now. I will update if I can get a hold of something else
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First, on Walthers, I'm not one of their fans. For a short time I had a new Walther PK380 and it was not close to half the gun of my Bersa 380s. I have the Bersa built Firestorm 22lr and have only used CCI. I've had zero problems with either the 36 gr or 40gr.
I have the .22 Firestorm as well. It seems to like Rem Goldens, & CCI.

I know it does not like anything federal or winchester.....
I had a very strange experience with my bersa 22. I was changing the grips and I found a live round lodged in the grip between the grip and the and the frame. This is was very disturbing because that round could have easily fell into the chamber when the magazine was out. I guess that's why you always have to follow the safety procedures.
There was some chatter a while back that CCI-stinger and other hyper velocity ammo is not recommended for bersa. The bersa website specifically recommends hyper-velocity ammo and says that bersa are designed to handle stinger ammo. I have been running stingers out of my bersa for several months with no problem. My accuracy improves greatly with stingers as well.
A note on winchester super x. Thes rounds are rated at 1300 fps, more than the CCI mini-mag, which runs fine out of a bersa. That rating is clearly a load of bs. The winchester super x will not run out of a bersa. I would love to know what they true rating is on this ammo. Another good option is Fiochi high velocity, i have not had any issues with that round.
I can understand the subsonics not working properly, as it would be a lower charge to keep it slower and quiet. This could cause cycling issues, and IIRC it says not recommended for auto-loading firearms.
I was lucky enough to snag a brick of CCI Velocitor and have had no misfires at all. Great ammo. will love to try that Fiochi high velocity if I ever can find any for sale. Right now I am firing my 357 reloads because I have more of them than I do 22's. Never thought I would see that day ....22's more expensive than my magnum reloads.
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