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Today's range report:
I shot the little Bersa at ranges of 7 and 10 yards. At the recommendations of some Bersa 22 owners, I only shot CCI Mini Mag. I'm told that the slower speed bulk ammo is not a good choice for this weapon. I shot a total of 100 rounds. A lot of which was rapid fire. I had one FTF on the 92nd round. I ejected and reloaded it, and finished off the final 100. I'm guessing the feed ramp was starting to get dirty at that point. Accuracy was very good. I actually got 3 shots at 10 yards in a 1" bull, and 2 of the 3 appeared to be in the same hole. This proves a blind squirrel will find a nut eventually. The majority of the other shots landed in the upper right quarter of the six inch target. I seemed to pull most of the shots at both 7 and 10 yards. The gun was a pleasure to shoot and has almost no recoil. I think a little more practice, and adjusting my grip would have made my groups a lot tighter. The sights are small but very usable. The rear is adjustable for windage via a set screw on the right side. Trigger pull in double action was long and smooth. I didn't notice a lot of creep as others have reported. In single action the pull was short and crisp. Fit and finish were decent for an inexpensive gun. The only things I didn't care for were the safety/decocker lever and the plastic grips. The safety/decocker was kinda stiff and required a little extra force to engage. I'm hoping this gets better as the gun breaks in. The plastic grips were comfortable, but kinda flimsy. The frame is made of a solid alloy. It appears to be very durable and well designed. The mag release was 1911 style. The mag was easily fully dis-assembled and easy to clean. The gun field strips easily with no separate assembly pin. It breaks down into 4 basic parts. Slide assy, recoil spring (fits over the fixed barrel), grip assy and the magazine. All in all the Bersa Thunder .22 worked as advertised.
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