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Bersa parts, customer service

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I've been trying to get some parts for my BP9CC so I can try some DIY gunsmithing, hoping to fix the light strike problem I have with it.

For weeks the Bersa website showed the full firing pin assembly (firing pin and all springs, etc.) as unavailable. It didn't even show the internal firing pin spring or guide rod, which if weak might be the cause of my problem. The only parts available were the firing pin and external spring, but I wanted to get everything at once.

Checked the site yesterday and saw the firing pin assembly wasn't even listed now, and none of the "Out of Stock" parts were being shown. So I emailed them and asked if the parts were available.

They replied asking me to call them for assistance. So I did, and the lady that answered was friendly enough, but she rattled off a bunch of part numbers asking what I needed, and I had no way to know if those were the right parts or not. So she offered to email me the part names and part numbers, plus a copy of the parts breakout. Good idea, right?

I get the email here's what they sent:
File is attached
Part #'s 4-11 are firing pin compoents

these are the part numbers for the website:


Let us know if you have any other questions.

Thank you

Eagle Imports
Problem is, only two of those part numbers that pertain to the firing pin assembly are on the website (the P/N for the firing pin and external spring). All the other numbers mean nothing, because I can't match them up to a part.

So by the time I got the email, looked up the info on the website, etc. it was about 4:30pm (EST). So I tried to give them a call, but they must bug out earlier than "normal" business hours. I got a message letting me know that next week they'll have limited customer service due to their attendance at the SHOT Show. Now keep in mind, this is not warranty work I am asking for, I am paying for these parts.

Maybe I'm expecting too much, but if you're going to offer things for sale online (gun parts in this case), at least show the parts and whether they are available or not. And sending someone a list of part number with no corresponding part description seems a bit lazy to me, especially after I told the lady that the parts did not show up on the website. I am a web developer and have installed many shopping cart and inventory management systems into e-commerce sites, as well as creating custom web software for the same. I have a pretty good idea of what it takes to keep one up to date and synchronized with inventory. All it takes is a little effort and attention to detail.

So while Bersa's CS is friendly, their actual helpfulness and working for customer satisfaction is lacking. I had been considering picking up a Thunder 380, but right now I am having my doubts about any future Bersa purchases.
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Can't say that I blame you...maybe this is the time to go the extra mile and

find out who's in charge of that Customer Service area and rattle his cage,

and so forth, up the chain of command until you get the service you deserve.

I did that to Kel Tec once, and got all kinds of help solving a problem after that !!

I'm a name dropper...and I always get the name of the person I speaking to or trading

emails with...always !!
Agreed, escalate it, or start at the top and let the poo roll downhill. My brother was treated very poorly by a giant web retailer - one that might sell new eggs - and a snail-mail letter to the CEO and the VP of Customer Relations worked wonders.
Ok, this is due an update, and I must say I am very pleased with Bersa. I was getting frustrated with trying to get through to them, as several tries at calling during business hours resulted in a recorded message to call during business hours or leave a message, followed by another message saying the voicemail was full! I was calling because in a reply to an email asking how to order parts not shown on the website, they asked me to call for assistance.

So I emailed one more time, expressing my displeasure at their lack of customer service. I got a reply back in a few minutes from Dana at Eagle Imports, explaining that their were major electrical and other power problems affecting their offices, and that since Hurricane Sandy they have had one problem after another. She offered to get the parts I needed ordered and sent to me. She never asked for payment, even after I made sure she understood this was not under warranty as I am not the original owner.

This was on Feb 21st, and she said the parts would go out in a week or so. I got them in the mail on Tuesday, Feb 26th. They had been mailed on Friday the 22nd. Now that's good service!

I also believe the new parts will eliminate the light strike problem. I can tell that the new firing pin guide rod spring has more tension to it than the one it replaces, and even the new firing pin looks a hair longer. haven't gottne it to the range yet, but I am going to some time this weekend. I don't want to use up all my 9mm, but I do want to run at least a box full of ammo (50 rounds) through it and see if I get any more light strikes.
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