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Discussion in 'General Bersa Discussion' started by Matt4Deb, Nov 10, 2017.

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    I bought my wife a Bersa Firestorm 380. She loves it and is beginning to out shoot me. However, does anyone know of a grip sleeve or something that will pad just below the dovetail? It pops her pretty good between the thumb and trigger finger. I've seen some sleeves, but the finger-grips limit what you can slide over. She has also tried a glove, put the particular glove has a seam right in the wrong spot, and really fails to do the intended use. Any thoughts?

    Thank You
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    I don't have anything on my Bersa, but I bought a sheet of rubber Talon Grip material to use as grip and padding. You just cut it to size and stick on. If it seems right then use a hair dryer to make it more permanent. I use it on my Ruger LCP's tang/backstrap area and it does make a difference. I think it's minor padding combined with much less slip/movement due to the grip.

    It's cheap, and I forget why I originally bought it, but now I can't imagine not having some to do quick custom grips with. Most of my pistols have a small dot of it above the trigger where my index fingers rests if it's not on the trigger. The tactile feedback it provides is great, and now I automatically feel for the dot instead of the trigger.

    I use the rubber one for grip and padding:

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    I am guessing that the "dovetail" you are referring to is the part of the frame that is under the hammer and prevents the hammer from striking the shooters hand during operation.

    I also expect that her Firestorm has the factory wrap-around-rubber grips with the finger notches.

    I have several thoughts on this. The first is that she needs to grasp the grip where there is no space (gap) between the frame (dovetail / beavertail) and the web of her hand. The slap most likely occurs when there is space for the frame moving from recoil and moving through the gap before contacting her hand. The best way to counter this is to train with each shot being made AFTER the hand is placed as far up against the frame as possible, removing the space/gap that accelerates the recoil causing pain.

    A glove would only help if range shooting is the only shooting tat the Firestorm would be used for. It would be unlikely to have a correctly fitting glove on her hand if the gun was carried for personal defense and was needed to be brought quickly into use.

    Replacing the factory rubber grips with wood grips would be another option.

    I don't think the rubber grip sleeves would help at all. I have them on my duty guns only to improve my grip as I have week hands.

    My opinion (AND ONLY MINE) is to practice and practice gripping the gun as high as possible to prevent the frame from slapping and creating more of a push than a slap.
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    I have never shot the firestorm 380 or a bersa combat. I am curious if the combat which has a lower slide has lower recoil. The thunder 380 CC does not have low recoil but is the snappiest gun I have. My SAR B6P has low felt recoil I guess because of the low bore axis and maybe also the weight.
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    I don't know if this will solve your problem. I have small hands and I use a Hogue Handall Jr. (eBay has it for about $8.50 w/ free shipping) which is a slip-on grip with finger grooves. (Hint: wet the inside with rubbing alcohol before slipping it on - it will slide on easily and the alcohol evaporates almost immediately and it will stay in place) My purpose was extra cushion during firing. The narrow, solid frame was pounding my hand pretty hard. An added bonus is the finger grips which keeps the barrel down, reducing the recoil rise and also reducing the pounding into my hand.
    It's not very thick and doesn't detract from my shooting. It definitely improves my accuracy because it helps prevent limp-wristing. If it doesn't work, just slide it back off.
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    Get her a golf glove for the range. Cut out the trigger finger. I have the same issue and will be getting a golf glove asap.