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    Does any one have any information or news about the BERSA factory/manufacturing plant?
    Where in Argentina is it located?
    Is BERSA “one of the best places to work” in Argentina?
    Is BERSA a popular hand gun in South America (where legal to own)?
    You know, stuff like that.
    Just interested…
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    I travel on business to Argentina at least once a year (twice this year) and I spend most of the time in Buenos Aires, specifically in an area of the city known as Martinez in the NW side that is north of Ramos Mejia, another suburb of the city. I've been tempted to call and ask if they allow visitors at the plant. They are very clear that no sales are conducted at the factory. You must buy from a dealer or reseller. None of my local associates were even aware of the fact there is a firearms manufacturer in Argentina by the name of Bersa, even though the guns are popular among local law enforcement agencies. Most of Bersa's production is destined for export. In general, gun permits in Latin America are not as popular as in the US. There is no 2nd ammendment or anything similar to it and the permits are usually issued or controlled by the Dept. of Defense. So, the number of 'illegal' guns on the streets far outnumber the legal ones.
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    The Argentina army uses Bersas.
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    Have travelled at least half a dozen times to Argentina since my last post here and I still can't find any locals that know anything about Bersa. We definitely know more here in the US about this company than the locals do. I would love to know more details about the company and their marketing efforts in the US (shooting team included). I love my Bersa Thunder 380 even though it bites me every time (same as my other 380's). A bit too small for my hand.
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    Sorry to hear that. The long tang on my BT.380 eliminated that for me. Got rid of a PPK that bit me like a bad dog.
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    Have you tried firing it with the 9rd DLX mags. It gives a much more stable grip. I also have large hands with a bit of a problem with strength in the little and ring finger and have not had a problem.