Bersa differences ?

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  1. dalefan88

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    Just want to know the differences in the bersa thunder 380. My wife has a dlx and I'm not sure if it has something different from the others. Thanks
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    The Deluxe 380 and the Standard 380 are the same gun. The difference is that the Deluxe capacity is 9+1 and the Standard is 7+1. The Deluxe model also has a deep blue finish and the other models do not. The magazines are interchangeable between these two firearms.

    The Thunder 380 CC is a different configuration (different sights, bobbed hammer) with a capacity of 8+1. Magazines are supposedly not interchangeable with Standard or Deluxe models.

    The Thunder 380 Combat Model is also a different configuration from the Standard and Deluxe models (redesigned slide, different sights, a more rounded trigger guard, 8+1 capacity). Magazines are only interchangeable between the Thunder 380 CC and the 380 Combat model.

    The Thunder Plus model is basically the same gun as the Standard model, only its magazine capacity is 15+1.

    Hope this helps.....:)
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  3. dalefan88

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    Thanks for the info.
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    So how well does the Deluxe mag fit in the standard Bersa Thunder? Does it stick out much more?