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Bersa CC

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I love and carry my Bersa Conceal Carry everywhere I go. I have a Ruger 9SR but as for an everyday carry that has a nice punch especially:) with a nice grip and easy to carry almost anywhere. I like my Bersa CC and would recommend it to everyone.:)
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It's an excellent pistol. Love that trigger!
Totally agree. I really enjoy carrying my 380cc Thunder. Excellent weight on the weapon and fits my hand perfectly. Shoots great and solid.

I love my Bersa 380. I just can not think of anything bad to say about it. It is a great CC piece.
I've had a BP-9cc for almost a year, in that time its reliability & accuracy have made it the only gun I'll C.C. . Bersa got this one right!!
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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