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Eagle Imports has announced through their website and confirmed in their latest catalog that there will be an addition to the color palate for 2013. Starting this year the BPCC will be available in a flat matte finish in a high-speed, low-drag olive drab profile.

The Bersa BPCC

Bersa's first polymer-framed handgun, the Concealed Carry is a compact-sized yet tactical quality semi-auto pistol available in either 9x19mm Luger or .40S&W. using short-reset DAO trigger the BPCC is designed from top to bottom for the concealed carry market in mind. Its single stack magazine keeps the gun amazingly slim. For comparison, the BPCC is only .94-inches wide whereas Glock's new gee-whiz Model 30S that they bill as being super-slim is 1.28-inches.

Moreover, the BPCC has a 3.3-inch barrel, giving it an overall length of 6.35-inches and a weight of just 21.5-ounces. High profile SIG/Glock 3-dot sights, a Picatinny rail, polygonal rifling, and superb ergonomics make the Bersa a contender in a world of polymer pistols.

Why Olive?

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Over the past decade, several of the better firearms makers have taken to developing matte skinned olive-framed polymer pistols for not only military but also law enforcement and civilian sales. These makers include Glock, Springfield XD/HS2000, HK, and Walther to drop a few names. The benefits of the olive drab color are numerous to include natural camouflage. Olive drab has long been known for its color stability and properties in reducing light reflectivity. To put it country simple this means that the gun is even duller and less likely to reflect light than even black and grey colors. In a tactical situation where you want every advantage you can get, this little extra feature can literally be a lifesaver.
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You only have to take a look at the latest camouflage uniforms of the Marines and Army, whose Marpat and Multi-cam patterns respectively use several different shades of green...including lots of olive shades.

It's nice to see that our friends in Argentina are keeping abreast of things and passing them along to the latest series of Bersas.
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