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bersa .45 or ruger sr .45?

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Hi guys ive been a reader of these forums for a while now.I just bought a .40 ruger sr 40 im thinking the only reason i didnt get a bersa .40 was because my local gunshop didnt have any in stock.I own a bersa .380 dual tone non conceal and love it.I feel like i could shoot a cannon out of it and it wouldnt blowup on me.My question is to owners of the bersa .45 are they as reliable as the .380 model? I am in noway saying ruger sucks but i kinda have it in my mind having the .380 that the build quality on the bersa's are superior.The only advantage i see in the ruger is mag capacity but that doesnt mean much to me anyways.And is it me or are bersa's creeping up in price?seems people are figuring out these are great guns.Sorry for my Grammar wasnt my strongest subject in highschool ty in advance
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We'll all I can really say about that is you should have waited for a Bersa
My Bersa Thunder 45 has been very reliable so far. The Rugers are also very well made reliable pistols and I don't think you could go wrong with either. It all depends on what feels good to you. My only complaint with my Bersa is the stretch to the trigger on DA pull due to my shorter fingers. As far as prices going up, I think that is as much the value of the dollar going down as supply and demand driving up the prices.
I prefer my 45Thunder Pro UC. I tried S&W and Ruger and Kimber but decided on Bersa due to the feel and dependability. I feel you need to use the gun that you will always have with you. That gun will offer you the best defense.
Welcome to the forum. Enjoy your Ruger. Go get a Bersa too.:D
I use my 45 UC pro as my everyday carry gun. Shoots like a dream, accurate and dependable.
Sorts 2 different animals there(IMHO).
One's striker fired, one is DA/SA.
I have a SR9C and love the trigger on it but it in no way compares to a DA/SA. Which I also like. Heck, I love a straight SA 1911 the most.
My SR has had well over 1500 rnd w/out one hiccup.
SR45 is striker fired and the Bersa is hammer fired DA/SA. The SR is polymer and the Bersa is steel/alloy. Two very different animals. Having said that; I own a SR9c and it has been 100% trouble free since day one. So has my Bersa. Both are decent guns for the cash. The main thing is the one that best suits your needs.
I've got a Ruger SR1911 5" and it's incredible. Dead-nuts reliable, dead-on accurate, and drop-dead beautiful to boot.

Was curious about the Thunder .45 until I got the SR1911. I stopped looking at .45's after that.
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