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When I firstgot my used Bersa .45 from Buds back in 2011 the barrel was still dirty frombeing shot, but I don't believe the gun has been shot very much and Iunderstand why. When I tried to cycle afew rounds through it, I had several that refused to feed out of the magazineleaving the slide all the way open resting against the fresh case still in themagazine. A little nudge against the back of the slide and it would pop intoplace. At first I thought it might be a burr along the edge of the magazinelips or weak spring. After carefulpolishing with fine emery cloth around the magazine lips, cartridges stillwould not load. They were hanging up onthe bottom of the ejector pin tip that sticks out over the left magazine lipand sticks out over the rear of the case rim about an 1/8 of an inch. Every round that I tried to cycle, the caserim would hang up on the tip of that thing not letting the slide push it out ofthe magazine and forward into the chamber. I took a small file and emery clothto the corner of it and eventually got cartridges feeding pretty smoothly. I don't know if that is a common problem withthem, but that is probably why whoever owned it got rid of it to Buds. It will cycle ammo fine now. It does not look bent, but the tip of theejector does lie just inside the left lip of the magazine. To me I would thinkit should lie directly on the top of the lip. ??????????? It works now anyway andit has been 100% ever since.

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