Bersa 383 da

Discussion in 'Gunsmithing' started by ffrandy, Dec 26, 2012.

  1. ffrandy

    ffrandy Member

    Just bought a Bersa 383. Just one problem only 1 mag. I heard thunder 380 mags will fit is this true
  2. mikescomp

    mikescomp New Member

    The Bersa 380 mag will fit but you might need to cut a slot down the front edge to match the one you have. The Pro Mag fits also.

  3. spyder

    spyder Active Member

    As far as i know the DA is specific. No other mags work with it without mods and then im not sure it would work, the shape is different. Gunshows are great to find them. I have 3 extras now after going to the guy that sells all kinds of old mags. 30-40 bucks i think.He almost always has them along with other old bersa mags. Make sure to take your gun with you tho because sometimes they are mislabeled. Triple K sells after market
    but i like the originals
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  4. Handyman

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    Hey spyder are you willing to sell one of your 383 da magazines, if so I will gladly pay top dollar for one - [email protected]

    Purchased the gun without a mag and haven't been able to shot it yet, triple k has me on back order for up to 120 days...