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bersa 380 combat

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Has anyone seen the new 380 combat model? It looks I will have to add one to my collection.:)
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Try some real ammo, snapcaps are not always sized to spec! See if you have the same problem.
Has anyone seen the new 380 combat model? It looks I will have to add one to my collection.:)
Mine came in about 3 weeks ago! Looks and feels great! Unfortunately, I haven't had the chance to take it to the range yet. A bad fall left me with a broken left hip and broken left shoulder.....but I'll be at the range as soon as I can.

Grab one, you won't be sorry.....:D
Sorry to hear about your fall. I will take your advice and buy one as soon as I can find one. Seems like everyone in this corner of North Carolinia is out of stock.
Bersa Thunder Combat

Just picked my new Combat the other day and fired one round. Seems to be a nice .380 and look forward to taking it to the range. I bought this gun because it was the only small gun that the dealer had ammo for at the time. I am glad that was the case. Oh, I am a new member.
I picked up my 380 combat yesterday. I like the idea of the 8 round magazine. also the dovetailed sights are easy to change out if you so choose.
Other than the 8 round mag, what's the difference between the Combat model and the Thunder model? Is it that much of a difference to make it worth going from one to the other?
Actually, there are quite a few cosmetic differences between the two pistols. Different sights, grips, trigger guard, etc. The serrations have been taken off the top of the slide and off the backstrap. the serration on the sides of the slide have been beefed up. Comes with two magazines in a hard case.
If I get the finger extension will it fit the 8 round magazine?
I did get the extended mag base. they are made by Perace grips. however with the finger grip installed the mag will not go into the grip all the way. it will not lock in. it stickes out about 3/8 of an inch. most baffling.
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