Bank of America vs Wells Fargo

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    It has come out that Bank of America (second largest bank in US) has decided to get into the political arena and has decided Modern Sporting Rifles are bad.

    They have decided they will not longer supply financing to any manufacturer to produce these firearms.

    Now, on the other hand, the Wells Fargo Company is going to continue business as usual and will continue doing business with any and all firearms manufacturers and firearms organizations.

    They have a $28 million credit line with the NRA.

    I personally will strongly support the Wells Fargo Company and will have nothing to do with Bank of America.

    If you have any Bank of America credit cards now might be a good time to tape them to the backdrop at the rifle or pistol range.

    Then you can mail them, holes and all, back to BoA in the many postage free envelopes that arrive daily in peoples junk mail.

    Just a thought .....

    God bless!!

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  2. 71magna

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    I stay away from all large banks. While they may be friends today, keep in mind they probably have major investors like Soros who can be in their boards etc...
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  3. dutchboy

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    Same here Rev, as I never cared much for the large mega banks.
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    I had a BOA credit card a decade ago. Paid it off and cancelled it. The bastages messed with my credit score as a result, which I found out a couple years later when I bought a car. Will never do business with those people again. And that's mighty good advice 71 and dutchboy.