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B-Day Gift Sorta, Mossy 715T Tacticool .22

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Got dropped off at the dentist yesterday by the wife. She and the daughter were going shopping. When they came to get me, I got the "Happy Birthady" and a rifle box. It was the "flat top" carbine version of the Mossy 715T. Wife had comvered the cost. Conditons were that I had to let the daughter use it whenever she and the boyfriend went to shoot with their friend and her husband who was the proud owner of a DPMS AR-10 in .308. Guy had bought the gun without any ammo a week ago and could not find any. They had tried to talk me out of some. Nope. Hooked him up with a shipment of ammo finally at Wally World last Sunday.

Daoughter had asked to use my old Colt AR or an AK to take her boyfriend to shoot with the other couple. I told her, "no way" just to burn up ammo. They might hurt one of my "babies" too. Told her to take her Ruger 10/22 with a foding stock and hicaps. Had plenty of ammo for that. The Ruger just wasn't "tacticoool" enough anymore. They had to have something that had the "look" and not expensive to shoot. I had looked up the S&W M&P .22s and they were at 5+ bills. So I told her to check out the Mossy carbine. Anyway daughter was kinda broke having just finished another semester towards her master's degree. Guess ehe nagged my wife and they cooked up this scheme. It worked for me. I got to use and keep the gun. But I had to maintain, clean it, get ammo and put a scope on it for her. I have to do all theat anyway. WORKed for me and the WIFE paid.

Seems only Academy Sports had any. Wally Worlds around here had been out of them since before Xmas and still are. Standard black rifle was 289+ and the carbine was 319+. I thought that was steep for a .22, but they found it to be 2 bills less than the S&W model.

The so called "Tacticool" carbine model of the 715 Mossy. It has some nice fully adjustabale and removeable sights, 25 round mag, quad rails on the forend to hang all sorts of stuff on. Not really anything I would use, other than the "flattop" rail on the plastic frame for a scope. It is just a Mossy "Plinkster" in disquise, which is a very reliable little gun and a couple of bills less than this model. Already have a 2X8X40 Simmons laying around somewhere. Got some "high" Weaver brand rings to mount it tomorrow.

All I got to do was to run a half mag of Federal bulk pack through it without even a wipe down. Worked perfectly.

A generic pic with some specs on the the gun.
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