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At a lost holster

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So I'm getting my carry permit and looking for a iwb holster for my ultra carry 9mm. The problem I'm having is I'm left handed and having a hard time finding one even on google. Any ideas. Thanks.
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Try a place called The Holster Store they are in Fla. on Ebay they sell under the name thegunstore I think. I just got a molded leather holster for my 380cc and it is great.

UBG HOLSTERS are custom made, all leather, excellent work! A little pricey, but well worth it. I have the Striker model.

TAGUA LEATHERWORKS has all leather holsters, fitted for your firearm. Don't let the cheap price scare you off! For the price, it would be hard to be beat.

ALIEN HOLSTERS are combination Kydex with leather backing. I've heard nothing but good reports for this one.

There are literally hundreds of makes and models out there! Spend some time searching so you can broaden your choices and options. :D
Thanks for the ideas. I checked the eBay one. They got one for lefties.
I would go with Crossbred holsters. It is the best holsters I have ever bought other that than the Jackass holster from Galco.
Google Remora Holsters and read the reviews,
I use one, and love it
Very comfortable IWB, and sticks in place,
Did I say "comfortable" ?.

See less See more has a pretty big selection of left handed holsters.
I'm a southpaw as well and have a Bianchi Model 100 IWB for my BT 380... love it.

Just keep searching as there are more rigs out there for lefties than you think there are!

Good luck...
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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