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As promised...One year review of BP-9cc

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Well has it really been a year? Yup..A year ago I picked up the BP-9cc, took it to the range carefully squeezed the triger...But no BOOM!! Switched mags and the first few went off but then same problem...Sooo off the the LGS that sold me the gun, I had to make sure this gun would fire every time I can't C.C. a gun that isn't 100% reliable. He knew right away what the issue was, heavy packing grease in the firing pin channel 15min. later after a through cleaning back to the range. After I dumped 3 mags of 115gr. FMJ Federals I returned home. In the next months I grew to love this guns accuracy, and since that first day I haven't had an issue with FTF or FTE with any FMJ ammo I've tried. I'm guessing I've put well over 1000 FMJ rounds down field, the gun has been rock solid! About a month after sending various brands of FMJ downrange I wanted to try some defensive rounds, this for me was the big test if there were problems... Happy to say none!! I ended up going with Federal 135gr. Hydra Shok JHP, now to get a IWB holster, many choices...What to do, well after several days of looking online and at local gun shops I was no closer in deciding. A week later when I was thinking about the choices I got a call from my Ranger buddy, no I'm not a Ranger or ex-military but we hunt together whenever I visit and this guy knows his pistols and holsters, So I asked him what brand IWB holster he uses? Alien Gear switched a year ago and there so comfortable you just might forget your carrying. His recommendation made things easy and I ordered it in late Oct. & it arrived the first week of Nov.. This holster is awesome, I would recommend Alien Gear to anyone looking for an IWB holster.

But this review is about the BP-9cc, I think it has the best trigger and one of the fastest resets of any striker fired 9 out there...ANY!!

Any review wouldn't be honest if I didn't tell you about one issue I had with the Bersa and Hornady critical defense JHP. This ammo will not cycle with any reliability in the Bersa, but it performs flawlessly in my other 9 a CZ-75BD. I think its the polymer tip that causes them to give the Bersa FTF issues. One of the things that really sold me on the Bersa besides the awesome trigger, was finally a compact 9 with a full size grip that would fit my quite large hands. Better gun control starts with the grip.

So there you have it the best endorsement I can offer is since getting the Bersa, I've tried many other well known brands of compact 9mm's at the range and for me they don't measure up to this Bersa.
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Thanks for the review and time put into doing it

Well done
Guys this is simply a great gun for C.C..
Excellent review! Had same issue with packing grease. Amazing job by Bersa on first polymer offering

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I just ran a bunch of critical defense 115 grain loads through mine, and they all fed fine for me.
The BP9CC is in my opinion an excellent firearm.
I just ran a bunch of critical defense 115 grain loads through mine, and they all fed fine for me.
Heavier Critical Duty 135gr loads may cause issues. On a side note; has anyone disassembled their BP9cc's frame yet?
I have run about 100 rounds of Hornady Critical Duty 135 gr thru my bp9 without any problems. In fact this is my carry ammo of choice.

This may sound crazy but I highly recommend using FIREclean as a lubricant/cleaner. I keep all my weapons slick :)

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It was the only JHP self defense ammo I had any issues with, I could try the 135 gr. Critical defense and see if that works but the Fed. Hydra Shok has worked well in it, so unless I find a real deal on Hornady ammo I'll stick with what I have.
I understand sport dog and agree go with what works. One note though I use critical DUTY not defense. Never tried defense . I can buy 50 rounds of Duty for. $22 @ buds police supply

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