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Are your LGS carrying Bersa?

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Has anyone seen a Bersa lately in their local gun store?
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I just bought the last two Thunder 380's at my dealer. Great price too.
Two local dealers have been out of stock since at least the end of November and can't get new stock from their distributors. There's a small but steady stream of them on, though, if that helps.
I have not seen them around for some time. Still show up on online gun shops but most show sold out.
My wife got the second to last Thunder 380 at our LGS. We went back to grab the last one a week later but it was gone. They do have a couple Thunder 22's though, and priced fairly.
My LGS and other retailers around are sold out. However, Eagle did tell me that they are expecting a shipment soon.
A friend of mine bought a Duotone Thunder from a LGS last week for $330, last one they had. I going to a gun show this weekend to look for one for the Missus.
The BT22 is the only gun I have seen at 2 LGS', no other models on the shelf.
I bought my Thunder 380 plus at our local US Money Shops about a month ago and have a Thunder 380 CC in layaway from the same store. That is all the Bersas they had or I would have all of them in layaway.
I attended a gun show in Joplin, MO yesterday, what a mad house, wall to wall people, lots of guns for sale, very little ammo. Several dealers had the BT .380 and .22, both for around $330. I love the feel of the BT .22, that may be my next purchase.
I looked at a .380 Duo Tone yesterday at a local GS.
Didn't have time to do the paperwork, but I will be going back, hoping it will still be there.
Last one.

I grabbed the last one at my LGS yesterday. You see a black thunder 380 every now and then. One I got was just what I was looking for. Duel Tone Thunder 45 UC for $429.
I have three dealers within 25 miles of
Me and all three sell them but only 1
had any on Friday. I live in West Virginia.
My dealer usually has a couple of BT380's and sometimes even 9's and 45's - they are a very popular firearm around Morgantown, WV - with good reason, 'cause if they all shoot like mine, they will be 'spot on' right out of the box!
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