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any ammo issues with BERSA THUNDER 9 UC Pro

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any ammo issues with BERSA THUNDER 9 UC Pro?

this pistol has really caught my eye. so I was wondering if there is any ammo this pistol DOESNT like?
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As far as I can remember (from reading and researching)... no. However, I have heard some reports of low-powered reloads not being able to recycle the action.
I use 3.7 grains of Tite Group in mine with no problem. 3.7 is on the low side.
So far I haven't had thechance to obtain or use any reloads in mine, but I've fed mine at least a half dozen brands from Remington to American Eagle, 115 & 124 FMJ and 124 and 147+P JHPs through mine with out a hiccup.
Fine gun...a bit on the heavy side...on target all the time. Low recoil.
I've run a thousand rounds through mine. One round of wolf steal case that did not eject correctly.
I sure like the reviews on the gun. im selling my glock to pick this up, or the walther P99
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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