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Another MS Gulf Coast

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Hello Y'all.
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Welcome aboard! It really excites me to see so many new members joining us!
Welcome to the forum. I am a good bit farther south on the gulf coast, south Texas.
Welcome to the Bersa Forum Smoke14 !!
welcome aboard, great to have some new names join us
Welcome from Western Kentucky.
BurgerBoy, I like your signature but I think they need to serve 3 terms or 1 tour/2 terms.. 1 in da active duty military & then in political office.. You don't want to pay me for what I do, complain abt when I get hurt & never walked in my shoes? That's not right..

BTW, I'm from Pike County, MS.. Raised in Memphis & currently in So Cali..

Welcome to the forum..
Hello and welcome to the forum from Stone Mountain Georgia
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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