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Another bersa uc pro question

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Thanks for bearing with me but I am new to Bersa and am trying to learn all I can before I lay one away @ my LGS. I went to the Bersa webstore to see what the 13rnd mags sold for. Upon seeing they were out of stock I e-mailed Bersa and told them I was about to buy a UC Pro and needed to know how long it would be before mags were back in stock. Bersa says no sooner than early fall and no guarantee then. Is the long wait for mags common for Bersa or is it related to the post-Sandy Hook killings? Do they normally have parts readily available?
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Who are you emailing? We have mags in stock right now for all calibers of the UC Pros. If one may be out by chance, we will have more in about a week or so.
I e-mailed [email protected]. I would have to go back to the e-mail to see if the person responding gave a name. This was only a few days ago.
that is a strange answer coming from one of my people. Especially, since we will be receiving a bunch more next week. I did notice that we are out of stock at the moment, but I am looking at reports and more are coming. Just keep checking the website toward the end of next week. Thanks!!
Thank you for clarifying this for me. I was sorta disappointed cause I held a 9UC Pro @ my LGS and wanted to lay it away. I will watch the Bersa site for incoming 13rnd mags. Thank you again!
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