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Another Bersa Thunder 22 first time to the range

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Back from the range also. I took a bunch of Velocitor rounds and some old 22s I had lying around...quite an assortment. First off I fired off 4 mags of Velocitor and they worked flawless as expected. Next came 4 mags of what ever.....they all worked as well but you could tell by the sound that some were different lower pressure. All in all no malfunctions. Before I took the gun out I gave a good cleaning and fine sanded with 600 grit all the edges that come in contact. Finished it off by putting some lithium grease on the slide. Very happy with the results and looking forward to shooting many rounds down range.
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Sounds like ya got a good one.
Careful with those rounds which don't sound right. Bullet may have only got as far as somewhere in the barrel. Next round will blow the barrel... and maybe you.
Just picked up my Thunder 22 this morning. Looking forward to taking it to the range on Friday.
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