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  1. stanger1944

    stanger1944 Well-Known Member

    Has anyone tried the UC 9 mm or a gun similar in size in an ankle holster? How did it work out?
  2. bmbacat08

    bmbacat08 Member

    uc 45

    I have tried to carry my bt 45 uc in the same ankle holster that I use for my bt 380 and the 45 is alot larger. It fits the holster fine but is much more awkward to draw for me.

  3. bhale187

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    The UC9 is a bit taller and heavier than the Glock 27. I tried a few different ankle holsters with a G27; none would stay put if you had to run, and they don't conceal if you are wearing boots. The most comfortable holster I tried was the cheapest, an uncle mike's sidekick
  4. SHOOTER13

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    I've carried a Kel Tec P32 in my inside left boot top on ocassion...

    good for quick draw when seated.

    Otherwise...draw is too slow and awkward with a larger weapon like the OP's UC9
  5. levelcross

    levelcross Well-Known Member

    For me an ankle rig is a last resort for a carry option, not too bad for a bug. Carried a Beretta .22 for a few months then went back to pocket carry with it.
  6. Thunder-Luvr

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    I recently ran across a used Gould & Goodrich ankle holster for a Glock 27 and decided to try it out with my BT380+. The fit is a little loose, but the Bersa isn't going to come out unless I pull it out. It's a great little holster if you're wearing lace-up boots because it's designed to be supported by the boot laces and wraps around the boot nicely with the strap. I can even wear it with my sneakers if I want to because it can be strapped pretty securely. I only got it to see if I like an ankle holster. I think I'll be looking for one specifically for my BT380+ now. Ankle holsters are not an ideal option, but are my preference over a pocket-carry. I'm not into IWB, and often like to have a backup handy.

    *I wonder if the Thunder UC Pro 40 or 45 UC would fit the holster better?*

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  7. RabbleRouser

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    Galco's ankle glove is the most comfortable ankle holster I have ever owned, It has a sheepskin lining between the gun and the ankle and the strap is a soft neoprene type material. I carry a Glock 36 in it and with the addition of the calf strap the rig is rock solid even if you have to run or jog.
  8. hilandr

    hilandr thunder 380 CC owner

    I just can't imagine walking around with my gun on my ankle. How do you access it in a situation?
  9. p51mstg

    p51mstg Active Member

    Seems like the Galco's get high marks from a lot of people on the internet, but they don't make a Ankle Glove specific to the BT380. Is it possible that another one would work, so long as it's close in size?
  10. Tremors

    Tremors Well-Known Member

    Looks good, now will the pants fit around it or fit in your boot.