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    I have received the phone call informing me that I will be returning to work. This is good news. I thought I would celebrate and visit my local Wal-Mart. As I slide into the sporting goods dept. The store clerk is packing the ammo case full of rounds. I have lived here my entire life and never been in this store while the ammo shelves are being restocked. NOBODY is in the sporting goods dept. but me. After he finished loading the ammo case, I unloaded as much ammo as I possibly could. 4 boxes each of Winchester Ranger 9mm+p, Remmington 22long,Remmington 22mag. Remmington 380acp, and for snicks a 10 box case of Winchester 12ga. bird load. The prices were all nominal with the exception of the 22mag, 29.99 a box. Thats outrageous, However I now have 22mag. The fact that in 2 weeks I will have a fat paycheck after a 6 month layoff is the only reason I went on a shopping spree today. The wife will be happy and I am reloaded.
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    Congratulations on both the score on the ammo and the going back to work.

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    Congrats on the back to work notice. I am in a position of a "forced" political retirement. Haven't worked since 05. Got disability too for blindness. That helped alot.

    Sounds like you got to Wally World at just the right time. Our only Wally World here has been out of ammo for a month or so. Last week, I saw a few boxes of rifle ammo in large caliber.Maybe they will be restocked soon. However, I know there are some gun show traders that pass through all the Wally Worlds around here and buy up all the ammo. They sell it at the shows for double mark up. Whenever there is a run on ammo, they clean the places out.

    Some guy at the gunshow was selling the bulk pack Fed .22 long rifle for a hundred a box. I was told that he was getting it too.
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    our Wal Mart here in Topeka Ks. stocks several times a week but it's random and they limit to 3 boxes.
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    The Wal-Marts in my area have not been restocked in over 3 months.
    My Wal-Mart doesn't carry guns ether so I'm lucky they have ammo at all. Congrats on the new job, ammo can be found anywhere but jobs are real hard to find.
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    The Wal Mart I was at is in DuPage County Illinois. They to have a 4 box limit on ammo in 9mm, 380, 45, and any rifle cartridge bigger than 22lr. If you purchase 12ga. in loose boxes, 4 boxes max. However you can buy a 10 or 12 box case as long as it is factory sealed. NO limit on 22short, 22long, 22 mag is 4 boxes only.
  7. hotshott

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    My neighbor informed me last evening that ammo purchases in DuPage county are now limited to 3 boxes each. There are 4 wal-marts within 30 minute drive from my home. Only 2 sell ammo.