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And another new old guy..lots of them here

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Got my holster, got my two mags, and finally got my 500 rounds of CCI Velocitor ammo. I am just waiting now for Buds to get the Thunder 22 I want back in stock. I have my 357 smith for home defense but being old and boney I need a little CCW . I have always loved the shape of the PPK but Walter has gone down the hill when they sold the company. After doing a lot of research about them everyone says that the Bersa is a far superior pistol to the Walter. Hopefully Buds will come through this week and I can take it out to the club and put some down range.
Now for me...retired military...25 years.. now living in sunny Florida. Looks like a great site with great people ....glad to be a part of it.....cheers from the south....
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Welcome to the Bersa Firearms Forum !!

Thank you for your service to our great country...
Welcome to the forum from deep south Texas....
Welcome to the forum from North Louisiana.
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