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An important question to think about.

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I want to propose this though concerning the use of an AR-15type rifle as a Personnel Defense Weapon (PDW) and not an Assault Weapon. Oneaspect during all of the debates I have been hearing and watching during thepast few weeks has overlooked one vitally important reason to not infringe uponour Americans citizens second amendment right to keep and bear arms is thedefense of our American way of life.

What I mean by this is pretty straight forward and easy, tolook back in history and understand to see that time after time, whenever agroup of people or a country are considered to be self-reliant where it comesto being able to defend and protect themselves, that this person or country is vastlyconsidered to be able to protect themselves from aggression by others who wouldwant to propose such act’s upon them.

Take these examples from our resent past; prior to World War2 (WW2), here are two examples of what I stated above.

First, when Adolf Hitler was starting to ravage northernEurope, the one and only country he wouldn’t and didn’t concur was Switzerland,why you ask? Because, back prior to WW2, Switzerland had a law requiring everyable bodied citizen to have a personal defense weapon and to engage in bothtarget practice and monthly drills as a militia for each and every town and hamlet.When this aspect concerning Switzerland was brought to Hitler’s attention byhis generals, it was decided to by-pass this country for more easily conquerablecountry’s instead, because they didn’t want to get into a prolonged conflictthere, where each and every citizen could and would take up arms against themin mass. See this is how Hitler concurred all of the Jewish population, first hetook their weapons and then took them all off to be kill in the concentrationcamps.

Second, Also prior to WW2 Fleet Admiral Yamamoto, the onewho planned the attack on Pearl Harbor, told the other General’s and Admiral’sin Japan that because he had lived and gone to school in America, he knew thatto attack America’s home soil would in his words “Awake a sleeping Giant”. He knew that because almost every American had a personal defense weapon, the veryaspect of defeating America on its own soil was utterly useless and would leadto their ultimate defeat.

I guess what I’m getting to is this; American citizens needto be able to defend themselves with a personal defense weapon to not onlyprotect themselves from rampaging mobs out to loot neighborhood’s after a naturalcatastrophe, but to just in case, defend and protect our American homelandagainst the possibility of an attack by an distant country or nation that isbent on doing harm to our way of life and taking away what is not there’s.Note: The movie Red Dawn is more realistic then you may think; it could verywell happen here if those nations who want to do us harm think we have stripedour citizens the right to defend themselves and our country.

Michael L. McKee

Cobbs Creek, VA
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.....Switzerland had a law requiring everyable bodied citizen to have a personal defense weapon and to engage in bothtarget practice and monthly drills as a militia for each and every town and hamlet.....
Actually, this is only partly correct. While it is still correct that Switzerland requires every ABLE-BODIED male adults to keep military-type firearms in their home, they are not allowed to keep the ammo in the home. The ammo must be stored in a government depot.
I hear you, but what I was talking about was the circumstances that were in effect prior to WW2, the ammo requirement to be stored in agovernment depot is what is currently required, although I think that is not agreat idea, considering the amount of terrorist activity in Europe now. Thanks.
Another quote from Fleet Admiral Yamamoto,

"You cannot invade the mainland United States. There would be a riflebehind every blade of grass."
Just think of what we are up against in the Middle East - why didn't we learn from history and not attack them on their own ground, where it seems so many homes are armed you can't tell who is friend or foe, like it seemed to be in Vietnam. We seem to have a knack for walking into guerilla wars...
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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