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I collect HD / specialty ammo in .45 caliber as a side hobby...

Here's a partial list of what's in my collection thus far:

Speer Flying Ashtrays
Kaswer "Pin Grabbers"
Winchester Black Talon
Remington Golden Sabre
Federal Hydro-Shoks
CorBon DPX
Hornady Critical Defense
Hornady XTP
Glaser Safety Slugs
Speer Gold Dots
Hornady HAP SM
PMC Eldorado Starfires
Speer Lawman
Hornady TAP FPD
Winchester Silvertips
Hornady TAP CQ
Hornady Zombie Max
Aguila IQ
Wolf Gold
MagTech First Defense
CCI Shot Shells
Fire Quest Tracer Rounds

...and the list goes on !!

Does anyone else here collect HD ammo or at least have a bullet board...where you have at least one round of every caliber you shoot on display...!?

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Good collection
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