Ammo at Gunshows in Texas

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    I am not low on ammo, relatively speaking, but in Texas how is the ammo at the gun shows? Is it there, and how much?...this doggone ammo problem is running longer that I thought, so was just wondering. <>< :eek:
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    Ammo is extremely hard to find everywhere, and expensive, even here in Texas.

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    I have been doing the shows in the south Texas area regularly. I have been across the aisle from an ammo dealer at the last couple of shows since January. He had plenty of rifle ammo. Pistol ammo for revos was there, but limited. People comming in were mostly buying auto pistol and auto rifle ammo. There was some of the European brands of auto pistol ammo, not much domestic. It was all going fast. No semi auto rifle that he had and others that had it were very overpriced.

    People that had .22 ammo were sellingit for a 100.00 for a box of bulk pack, mostly Fed. That was in Jan.-Feb. Last show in March, most had dropped to 70 bucks. Some were still holding at a bill. Guy at the table next to me had a buddy drop off a case of Fed bulk pack and he said he was putting a 60 dollar tag per box. Other guy that gave it to him just wanted to get 50 bucks out of each bulk pack. That was Sunday morning. By the afternoon, he had sold 5 of the bulk packs at 60 bucks each.

    I don't buy much ammo and I don't sell any. I usually try to get ammo "thrown in" on the gun deals off of the guys that sell me their used guns. It has worked out over the years. But all that may come to an end soon.
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