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Air Force, M9 holster? Identify? Value?

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Had this holster offered to me by an old guy I swap guns with. He had this and a couple of old mil surp rifles that he wants to sell me. I can I.D. and price the guns, but the holster is not in my area. It looks military tome, but that's it.

Old guy said a relative of his was in the Gulf War as a pilot and gave him this holster and rig to hold the gun. It is hard plastic with 2 spring loaded locks to hold the gun. One locks over the hammer area released by the thumb and the other release is right over the trigger guard area. Both have to be released to free the gun. I assumed it was for an M9 cause of it's recent use, so I tried my Taurus 92 in it which fit perfectly. It has 2 adjustable leg straps and 2 velcro straps that go on a belt. Goes on the thight a la "Lara Croft" carry or maybe "Robo Cop". Kinda, middle of the thigh. Only my legs don't look as good as her legs.

Thought maybe one of our military members could I.D. it and place a value on it for me. Guy wants 150 for it cause his relative said it was worth that. Ain't worth that to me. Kinda big to begin with. Probabl would never use it. Hardly use any holsters I have now. But it is unique.

Or can it be had as cheap surplus at a gunshow?
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While I cannot confirm it IS a USAF issue is not worth that much and can be had at gunshows under the BlackHawk SERPA brand name...

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Thanks SHOOTER. I only offered him 20 bucks for it. He declined. Said to try at the gunshow, but I don't want to waste my time with it if it is too much. Any general idea of it's value?
Found answer on Ruger Talk. 3Tango got a pic and price on one.
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