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Accuracy of the UC40?

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Several months ago a magazine (possibly Handguns) tested the UC40 and loved it. I bought one soon after. My concern is that the tester achieved groups of 3.5 to 4" at 25 yards which is mediocre. Is that a fair representation of what this gun can do? Thanks.
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That's about as accurate as I can get mine but then again I guess my standards are low but I'll take 3 inch groups at 25 yards any day

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Thanks Snakeye

I've been told that 3" groups are good and what the police would call field accurate. Anymore than that would be competition accurate and I was told not to worry about 3" groups. My Rugers shoot no better, and if you are getting 3" groups, I'd say you are a very good shot. I tried SIGs and did better, but, at $900+. I paid about $360 for my Bersa. is one inch better groups worth $600 more for someone who wants a carry gun? I say no. So I appreciate your reply and feel a lot better about my purchase now. Thank you.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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