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A new can of worms?

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I was planning on buying myself a birthday present of a .380 CC & a .22 lr Thunder. I had a question about parts interchangeability so I spoke to a guy in TX that does Bersa's warranty work. (Bersa didn't have the answer)

He said if you don't stiff arm it when you pull the trigger the slide won't travel all the way to the rear & I'll get stovepipes or FTF because it's a blow back design. Because of a disability I can't hold my arms straight out in front of me unless I'm shooting off a rest so I'd like to know if he's right. When I target practice with my Sig Mosquito I just point & shoot but don't have that problem & it's a blow back gun. I have a couple of Rugers (LCP & SR9c) & don't have a problem but they're recoil operated.

So the question is, if I don't stiff arm a blow back pistol will I really have a problem like the guy said? I learned the "point & shoot" method with a revolver when I was young & got pretty darn good at it & used the same method with Ruger MkII's, High Standards, etc & never had an issue.

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Main thing is not allowing the wrist to "break" when firing. I have to keep my arms flexed up and wrists stay kinda stiff cause I have vision problems. I cannot see the sights on alot of guns with my arms fully extended. Glaucoma problems.

Use to shoot alot of magnum single actions years ago. Sot with arms gully extended and the wrist a little "limp" to allow for the guns to "roll up" during recoil. It was hard to break that habit, but with the eyesight I have now, I have to do it.

Think mkost of it has to do with relaxing the wrist too much. I have one nephew that was taught to "limp wrist" his auto pistol by an old single action shooter. He always has stovepipes in his old Ruger P series 9 mil. I have shot the gun side by side with him with flexed arms and never had a stovepipe with his gun. Difference was he limp wrists the guns and I don't. Tried it with my son too. Same thing. Stovepipes for the nephew and the gun worked fine for my son.

I have a Bersa .380. I shoot it with my arms flexed and wrist stiff. It never has jammed......yet.:D
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Thanks Pancho_Villa,

I was beginning to waver on my decisions and began considering the LC380 for carry. I wanted two nearly matching pistols so I could practice cheaply with the .22 and stay up to date with the .380.

I'll give it more thought before I commit to going away from my original idea.
I have the LC9 which is the same as the LC380 except chambered in 9mm. Great gun but the trigger is long pull before it breaks. It was so hard getting use to that I had to install the Galloway trigger bar mod and that cut the travel in half.
You should be fine with the Bersas. They are fantastic guns. Since you didn't have any issues shooting the Sig, the Bersas are going to work great for you.
I try to shoot my pistols they way they would be shot in a stressfull SD situation. One handed, arms out and at retention (close to the body) and my BT .380 seems to handle all this fine. If you don't have problems with a blow-back Sig you shouldn't have any with your Bersa.
I don't know the answer to all the problems with the Bersa, but my first thought is ammo. I am no expert but it takes one to two hundred rounds fired from each type of ammo you plan to carry to make sure it functions flawlessly.....and there are some ammo that just doesn't work for certain firearms that work flawlessly in others ....just saying
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