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750 rounds

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My Lee bullet mold went south on me last week. I sent it in and was told I would get a new one for free, we'll see. I did get 750 rounds made up before I ran out of bullets. The 9mm shells go for $12.99 + tax a box here. (50 rounds) So, the 15 box's would of cost me $194.85 + tax. I bought 2000 primers and 1 pound of powder for $93 including tax. Not bad.
I have found that I do better shooting 50 rounds 3 times a week then shooting 100 rounds once a week. That means I should be able to shoot for 5 weeks with what I have made up. Sometimes I shoot more, sometimes less. I think it evens out in the long run.
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Sounds good hobbles. I haven't cast any bullets in almost a year. My Lyman mold handles broke at the place where the screw holds the mold. Been too lazy to get another handle.
Afternoon PV,
I was thinkin that the Lyman molds might last a lil longer so I priced some today. There round $70 compared to the Lee $19.49 ones. I'll think on this one a bit..
I have not bought any since I got those back in the 70s. The LEE seems to have a better price. I have one in .357 and have only used it. Figure some handles will turn up at a show sometime, cheap.

Buddythat does the shows with mesnagged a Lyman sizer luber for 50 bucks about a year ago. He had given his to his son cause he didn't luse it much. He found another one at a show in August for 60 bucks and bought it too. Now he has 2 that he won't use.:D

He just bought them cause they were "a good buy." He said new ones were around 160 or more. I have not checked it out. But I would imagine go if the molds are 70 bucks now. Think I gave less than a bill back then for the sizer, The 2 dies, 2 molds and 1 set of handles.

I sometimes can't find the bullet lube that goes in it at some of the guns shops in the larger cities near here. I asked one guy for lube for a Lyman sizer/luber and he said, "Whats that?" "Is that the stuff you grease guns with?" I thought maybe he did not work there, but he said that he did. Duh?:D
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Well, I got the mold back from Lee, actually they sent me a new one,, no charge. I put my phone number on the out side of the package. The guy that worked on it called me before he opened it which was cool. I asked him to let me know what I did wrong to it and he said he would put a letter in it tellin me. And that he did as you can see here.
He was right I did put to much pressure on it holdin it closed. And yes, he was right bout the rest too.
So as soon as I got it I followed these instructions. Plus I got other info on how if I did the prep right I wouldn't have to smoke the mold when usin it, and I didn't. I used an old tooth brush and new tooth paste like I was told. Plus I read where my 2 cycle Stihl chain saw oil that I mix with the gas is a good lube for the mold. And it is and worked fine. So I got a bottle full of bullets made. Now, if I'm lucky tomorrow, I won't get a deer in the mornin and can come home, resize them and lube them so I can make more rounds. I only have 600 left. I over shot my budget already.
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I like the LEE molds cause they heat up fater than the Lyman steel molds. They also cool faster when they get too hot.
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