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383-A disassembly help needed

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I have a Bersa 383-A with the nickle finish and I need some help. the finish has gotten old and has some scratches and a few dull and bright spots. I have decided that I am going to take it out to the garage and glass bead blast it to give it a nice uniform satin finish but here is where I need help. in order to blast the frame and slide without getting glass & sand everywhere in the internals (would be a "BAD" thing) I need to do a complete (armorers) disassemble. I have done a full disassemble on every gun I own except this one. there is a profound lack of information available on tis particular model. can anyone here provide me with or guide me to a tutorial or video on how to strip the 383-A down to the bare bones. and of course how to put it back together again...

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If you have not already done so,, Check on you tube. You may also try e-bay to locate a manual.
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Have you tried the Bersa Mfg. Site for the manual...?
I have a manual, the manual shows how to do a basic field strip for cleaning. I need a full disassembly "how to" that shows me exactly how to take every single moving part off and put it back on again
just found this today.

I think has what you need and you can print it out. Good luck
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