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.380 Holster Shopping Burnout

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In winter when lotsa clothing is the uniform of the day, I carry my RIA 1911 .45 ACP in a Blackhawk SERPA; right side; just in front of the pelvis, on a 1-1/2" heavy pistol belt. I also carry my Thunder .380 in an Uncle Mike's ankle holster, inside of my left ankle. No problems.

Then comes summer. Problems!

When I feel like wearing a cover shirt, ala Hickok-45, I carry the 1911 in the SERPA—but—sometimes, when it's really hot and sweaty, I'd like to wear just a loose tee-shirt and carry just the Thunder. I'm really tired of buying holsters online, only to have to send them back because they aren't quite as advertised. My most recent was a Sneaky Pete. Nice, quality made in USA holster, but it was like having the A-B volume of the The Britannica on your side; It would be cake for someone to snatch your piece outa that thing, and your weapon's hammer and magazine are clearly visible between the roll of the flap and the holster's top ends. At my six-feet that puts the opening right about level with five-year-old eyes. I'm too old to enjoy the shock, while in the check-out line of a crowded super market, some whiny brat behind me shouts to his Obama-voting lib mother: “HEY, MOMMY, THAT MAN HAS A GUN!” So the Sneaky Pete went back. I've tried most of the “gadget” holsters and have decided that elastic stretchy stuff should be left to the manufacture of jock-straps and trusses; little sacks down your tighty-whities; plastic dowels up your muzzle—or anywhere else? Don't do it for me. I AM NOT INTERESTED IN IWB. If I ever need my gun, I want it now, and don't want to have to fish down my trousers for it

Hopefully, some of y'all might be able to help me narrow down my search. Here's what I'm looking for: I want a molded leather holster to fit the Thunder .380, with just enough leather to hold the gun securely, and cover the trigger. I want belt slots in the leather (No metal clips or snaps) that are very near the muzzle end, so the weapon rides high under my ribs, with very little hanging below the belt. I want the backing leather to be rigid enough so it pulls into my body under the tension of my heavy leather belt.

Simple; Functional; Holds a Thunder 380 securely—in a position where a man can get to it without disrobing, breaking his arm, or making obscene gestures, or exciting himself. If any of you good folks can point me in the direction of such a beast, I would be eternally grateful.
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Here's the link to my review of the Tagua holster that I bought. I think it's a great holster and does what you say you need it to do.
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