380 CC Slide , Safety and Assembly Failures?

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    I have at least 1,000 rounds and less than 2,000 rounds through my Bersa .380 CC.
    First issue seems to be pretty common, slide will not lock back. This is annoying for now but the range I shoot at will be changing their rules soon and require that the slide be locked back not just have a chamber indicator shoved in and the bolt slammed against it.
    Second Issue is the clip under the right grip. It keeps popping off. Had it fixed by Gander mountain once (they staked one of the pins that would work it's way out and put pressure on the assembly under the clip. When it was returned, the clip was still not on it so I had to finish the repair myself) fix lasted about 150 rounds.
    Third issue is the safety lever. It snapped off yesterday at the range when I took the safety off to begin shooting.
    I'll be calling Bersa again and make arrangements to get the gun to an authorized gunsmith.
    Has anyone else had issues with the clip and the safety lever?
    I'm attaching (or trying to attach) pictures of the clip and safety lever to show what parts I'm talking about.

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    Gunsmith help!

    Hello OldBob1:

    I am not able to speak on these issues but we do have two very qualified gunsmiths here on the forum.

    Both Wolfgang the Gun Doctor and Colorado Gun Works Gunsmiths are very qualified and very good at what they do.

    Maybe we can have them jump on here.

    God bless!!


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    Yep.... trying to decide if I just want to drive the gun to Colorado Gun works or ship it. I really hate the hassle of sending a weapon UPS... and I'm retired and it's only a 4 hour drive. So I'm thinking Road Trip.
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    I bought a duotone .380 at the LGS but I really wanted an all black Bersa. When a CC came in a couple of weeks later I traded in the duotone and got the CC. At home I tried field stripping it. 1) Couldn't get the magazine out no matter how hard I pressed on the release. Finally resorted to a wooden dowel and a whack with a mallet to get the release to do its job. 2) Then I tried to remove the slide. No dice. Returned to the LGS wherein the resident gunsmith examined the CC; after much fiddling he finally got it off, saying something was not right.

    So I got my duotone back as it worked flawlessly right out of the box.

    OLDBOB, obviously I had none of the problems you encountered. Mine were of a different order. Is the CC inherently problematic?

  5. Oldbob1

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    Did a road trip to Colorado Gun Works. Met the owner.... Very interesting person. While we talked, he began taking apart my 380 and fixed it while we talked. He went to all the trouble of disassembling everything and replaced and repaired the suspect parts. He even repaired my magazines.... the followers(?) had worn notches on them ..... everything is like brand new... trigger pull is a little less than before and smoother... Definitely the go-to guy for everything Eagle Imports handles. Plus he's really interesting to talk to.....
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    Where, exactly, is Colorado Gun Works? I see you are in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Surely it's more than a four hour drive from Indiana to Colorado.

    However, it's good news that he knew about Bersas and was able to repair it to your satisfaction.
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    To clarify.... Colorado Gun Works is in Lyons, Indiana. Named Colorado Gun Works apparently because that's where the owner started the company.
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    Well..... I'm beginning to think my Bersa is cursed. Went shooting with the wife. Gun failed to function after about 150 rounds. It's like the trigger is no longer attached to anything in the gun.
    Here we go again.
    Got it all boxed up ready to ship
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    I have been considering a 380 CC, but the OP's experience is giving me second thoughts. I will have to do a bit more research on the gun's reliability and repair record.
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    Mine has had a similar problem. Its in the shop at Colorado Gun Works getting fixed now. I hope they figure it out because otherwise the gun has been good. Are the regular Bersa Thunders that much different to make them more reliable than the CC? I would think those mechanisms in the gun would be the same as the regular Thunders.
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    I must be one of the lucky ones, because after about 3000 rounds, my standard BT380 has worked great, except for the slide notch which wore down after about a thousand rounds. I sent it to the "Gun Doctor" and have not had any issues since!

    I would have to agree, that most of the parts are the same. I don't think the standard BT380 is much different than the others, except for changes around the edges, sights & capacity.
  12. Oldbob1

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    Mine's back at Colorado Gun Works now. Everything that was fixed last time still works. But about 200 rounds into target practice the trigger felt like it was disconnected from the rest of the gun. Wouldn't cock the hammer or fire the gun. Hoping to get it back soon, I miss it. Mostly because I'm now carrying a .357 revolver. It's a little heavier and bulkier then the Bersa.
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    I was searching the web this morning about problems with the 380cc because today at the range I had some of the exact same issue as the op. By the way Thanks for sharing your issues with us.

    I've had my 380cc for 5 years now without any issues at all. Probably has about 3,000 rounds through it. Has been a nice carry gun up til now.

    Well today I noticed that the gun wouldn't lock the slide back all the time once the magazine was empty. Turns out the magazine followers are wearing out. Once these are in stock at the Eagle store all order some extra.
    Also, the last three times to the range the grips have been loosing up on me. Very annoying.
    When I got home I started breaking down the gun and found that the safety lever had cracked off exactly like the op. How the heck does that happen???
    Decided that after cleaning I would take the grips off and add blue threadlock to the screws to see if that helps the grips stay put. To my surprise once I got the grips off I noticed that the Hammer Pin had part of the end sheared off. Right where the washer and c-clip hold the disconnector on. I think this is allowing the disconnector to move around and loosing the grip up.
    These all look like easy parts to replace. But this has shaken my confidence in the Bersa 380cc a bit.
    So in short I have a sick Bersa on my hands.