2 shots with one pull

Discussion in 'Gunsmithing' started by garyzugi, Sep 16, 2013.

  1. garyzugi

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    Hi I am new to this I bought my second gun and it is a Bersa Bp9cc I love the gun..I went to the range probably the 3rd time with the gun and when i pulled the trigger 2 bullets were shot...I thought it was just me and blew it off it happen to me a second time 2 bullets went off on one pull of the trigger..I do not want this to happen when my wife has it and it decides to unload the whole Magazine and she turns will the gun like whats going on...Any one have any idea what is happening?? Thanks
  2. SHOOTER13

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    Welcome to the Bersa Firearms Forum !!

    Could it have been the gun...under recoil...pushed back into your finger and what sounded like one was actually two separate shots ?

    If not repeatable, don't worry.

    If it happens again...take it to a qualified gunsmith immediately !!

  3. Pancho_Villa

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    Welcome to the forum.

    Sounds like "slamfire" or "hammer follow down."

    Slamfire can be from a couple of conditions. Hammer has a very light contact witht he sear and is beiing released when the gun slams into battery or from a sticky firing pin not retracting after firing.

    Or the disconnector is not working correctly to reset the sear every time to stop the hammer from following the slide when it goes forward.

    Not a good conditionin either case. It needs serious attention from a smith.
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  4. TwinSpar

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    The BP has a very short reset and is very easy to double tap with. Could it have been possible that you let off the trigger just enough to reset and pulled it back in. When I was learning to work with the BP's reset, I was getting a few unintentional double taps. It took me a few tries to train my finger to let the reset out just enough to be out of that accidental DT territory.
  5. cap10b

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    I've done this its recoil related and short reset. My answer to myself is learn to handle the pistol under fire.
  6. psds08

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    Stot my new Thunder Plus 380 today with ammo I made my self
    Only had 2 FTF out of 50
    When I banged the bottem one went in the chamber and fired I dont know why

    I used 100gr Berry ccrnhb some with 3.8gr of AutoComp and some with 4.1gr AutoComo
    I coundnt see any differance
    Some of the cases had a slight flat spot maybe about half

    There is a flaw in the feed ramp that looks likea bubble tha t got machined over to male the ramp I dont see if that had anything to do with those flat spots

    Accuracy was great even when the frount sight came off

    Should I take to Gander Mt gunsmith?
    I see they are a Bersa warrenty gunsmith
  7. p51mstg

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    psds08… very funny.

    garyzugi… It sounds like a short trigger reset, but reminds me of a 1960's SKS that used to do something like that. Turned out to be a sticky firing pin. Once the bolt was properly disassembled and cleaned, all better.
  8. ZenShot

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    Did you get the problem resolved yet?
  9. dutchboy

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    I would send the gun to a warranty center for a look see if nothing else! SAFETY FIRST!
  10. greg_r

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    Old thread from 9/13.

    I would bet it was due to the light trigger and short reset.
  11. snakeye

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    Yup take it to Gander Mountain. I had to use the once with my UC Pro. They sent it to Colorado where they did the repair. They did a great job
  12. dutchboy

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    Sarge, that was the one thing that kept me from buying this model.
  13. mulescj8

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    Short reset, light trigger. I double bumped mine a lot the first few times I shot mine. I don't any more after I got use to the trigger.
  14. greg_r

    greg_r Well-Known Member

    I didn't like the trigger either, but what killed the BPCC for me was the blowback action on the 380.