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1986 Bersa Mod 223 DA owner

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Hi guys.. I'm new to the site and a proud owner of a 1986 Bersa Model 223 DA from the Philippines. This is the first pistol i had when i was 24 and i got it last 2006. Its being handed down to me by my dad who's also fond in firearms.. He bought it in Argentina way back 1986. Tho its old, i never had any operational problems with it. I love it and i'm looking forward for many more enjoyable shootings and plinkings with it.

Anyways, i'm looking forward to learn a lot more from this old yet reliable and great masterpiece.



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Welcome to the forum. Your pistol is in very good shape.
Yes Pancho. Its still in good shape. I dropped my gun to d nearest gunsmith last saturday and have it chromed and nickeled. I'll post pics once i get it back.
Welcome to the Bersa Forum anton888 !!

Good lookin' pistola !!
welcome to the bersa forums, great looking pistol, and those family pieces are always so much more valuable to us, thanks for sharing
Hello and welcome to the forum from Stone Mountain George
Thank you for the warm welcome guys. I appreciate it. :)

The new look of my bersa.. :) ---


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