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1851Navy .44cal BP revolver

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And one of the funnest to shoot


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Fired it yet. It looks unfired. Very nice looking one. I had one last year that I got in a swap. Never did fire it. It had been fired some by the previous owner. It was an Italian .44 cal, '51 Navy.

I wish I had taken the time to fire it. I had not shot a BP revolver in 20 or so years. Last one was a Ruger Old Army. Before that I had an italian .31 cal. '49 Colt Pocket replica. Fun to shoot, but a real PITA to clean.
I shot it 6 rounds and spent an hour cleaning it so it mostly sits now
Always wanted to own Colt '51 Navy...

This is as close as I got...;)

Part of my collection of Colt memorabilia...

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Those are nice Colt 51a ya got SHOOTER13. Fired them?

Yep, cleaning is a beeeeetch opaww. I thought the single shots were bad till I got revolvers.

Her is a pic of the 51 brass frame I got last year that I never fired. Old Italian gun. Guess they weren't real sharp about marking them back then. Barrel had .44 Colt stamped on it.
I love the balance of those old style SA. I got a brass frame 1851Navy .44 cap & ball replica also.
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Who made the replica '51 Navy Mitchell !?
F. LLIPIETTA. I think that is an Italian company. Anyway I ordered it from Cabalas severalyears ago to replace my first Navy Arms.44 that I traded for a Gibson guitar.
Ah...Pietta ! Well know Italian clone maker...
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